Rio Pecos California Pad

Rio Pecos Performer Pad

Rio Pecos Performer Pad

California Westernpad Gr. M smaragd/cognac (Einzelstück)

California Westernpad Gr. M smaragd/cognac (Einzelstück)

All the best features combined in one pad

California, combined with the archetypal Wild West around the Rio Pecos river, sounds interesting and promises variety. Just like the Rio Pecos California Western pad from MATTES: Wear leather protects against abrasion, there are three pockets on each side and an easily detachable full lambskin lining. The element of variety comes from the countless personalisation options in our Configurator.

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Rio Pecos California Pad
Rio Pecos California Pad

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    We bet you’ll love the designs in our Configurator.

    A successful blend of the distinctive shape of our much-loved Rio Pecos California Western pad and the Rio Pecos line from MATTES: The Rio Pecos California Western pad is available with three pockets on each side and two separate panels with detachable lambskin in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. The width of the sides can also be altered to suit your needs. Choose from more than 30 different lambskin colours; the leather parts are available in black, brown and champagne. The top band, binding and up to three rows of decorative piping are available in almost 50 colours. Replacement base pads and panels are available to order separately. If you really want to turn heads with this pad, choose the optional embroidered MATTES logo free of charge, or your own logo or text on one or both sides (ask us for a quote). Text prices can be found in the Configurator.

    MATTES uses high quality cotton/polyester blend quilted fabric. The Rio Pecos California can also be made in hard-wearing velvet on request; special lustrous fibres are woven into the fabric to give a striking look while the thick layer of padding makes the quilted pattern really stand out. Both quilted fabric and velvet are available in a wide range of colours - you can design your pad yourself.

    Our SPINEFREE® design reliably prevents any pressure around the withers and spine.

    The core of the Rio Pecos California Western pad is made of two layers: POLY-FLEX® (a deep-needled polyester felt) is used to maintain the shape and spread the pressure, while polyester wadding provides padding and allows air to flow through the fabric. We completely avoid foam, neoprene or gel, making the whole pad breathable.

    The Rio Pecos California Western pad is available with the CORRECTION® System on request, with a choice of one or three pockets; we supply three 5 mm-thick felt shims (POLY-FLEX®), for each pocket, offering the same pressure relief as a good quality new saddle, padded with wool and horsehair. MATTES developed the CORRECTION® system to allow flexible and easy changes to saddle fit by up to 30 mm: to easily compensate for the rapid physical development of young horses in training, for horses that have been out of work for some time, or for trained horses which change shape a lot during the competition season, whenever quick alterations are needed. Simply add extra shims, or just as importantly, remove them, to suit the horse’s changing shape. It is crucial to balance out long-term irregularities in conformation. These should never be corrected by adjusting the saddle itself!

    There is a possibility of dye bleeding into the horses hair or other materials from dark or bright colored skin, because of the horses-sweat or use of unsuitable washing detergent.
    Strong dyed leather of saddles etc. can also leave discolorations.

    1-4 A-B C-D G-H
    Size XXL 85,0 cm 36,0 · 40,0 · 45,0 cm 90,0 cm
    Size XL 80,0 cm 36,0 · 40,0 · 45,0 cm 85,0 cm
    Size L 75,0 cm 36,0 · 40,0 · 45,0 cm 80,0 cm
    Size M 70,0 cm 36,0 · 40,0 · 45,0 cm 75,0 cm
    Size S 65,0 cm 36,0 · 40,0 · 45,0 cm 70,0 cm
    NB: Quoted sizes may vary by +/- 2 cm.
    Saddle pads may shrink by up to 5 % when washed.
    Do you need any other dimensions? - Find a retailer.

    1: Round Western, 2: Square Western, 3: Performer Western, 4: California Western

    MATTES® lambskin items should be washed frequently. Correct care and washing (see MATTES® special MELP detergent) is very important and will provide you with many more years of enjoyment from your product.

    Download washing instructions (PDF, 53 KB)